Greg has traveled extensively throughout Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

He’s explored the less-traveled side of the Rockies, North Carolina’s booming craft beer scene and the tailgaiting culture the American South for the Toronto Star. He’s examined how airports, suitcase companies and airlines have turned to new technology to cut down what was once a $4-billion lost luggage problem.

With his pregnant wife and young daughter in tow, he once went ghost hunting in Savannah, Georgia, but the only spirits he encountered were at a daiquiri bar on River Street.

Greg has been nearly lost at sea on the Bay of Fundy, terrorized by howler monkeys in Costa Rica and set adrift on the Underground in London while covering the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Against his better judgement, he and a photographer once drove from Detroit to New Orleans to Austin and back to Canada in a cramped rental car, and documented the whole epic road trip for their newspaper.

Many of his adventures are focused on travelling with his family and writing about it for the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator and and Waterloo Region Record’s travel sections. For questions on his work as a travel writer, he can be reached at






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