Freelance writing

In addition to his work as a daily newspaper reporter for the Waterloo Region Record and as a columnist for the Guelph Mercury,  Greg does freelance writing on his own time. Here are some of his articles:

Frank Viola III bets second chance on nuckleball (Sportsnet)

Jasvir Rakkar targets history with Cubs (Sportsnet)

Whiskey Jacks want to bring pro baseball to Waterloo (Canadian Baseball Network)

D.J. Davis hopes to take off in Lansing (Sportsnet)

Crokinole Kings (National Post)

It’s a good life for Seth (Guelph Mercury)

They made a lake where there once was none

Paddling through the Bay of Fundy’s foggy veil

Langdon Hall’s Jonathan Gushue pulls from land and sea (Georgian College alumni magazine)

Baroque in a barn (Grand Magazine)

George Armoyan gets radical (Telegraph-Journal)

The Seafood King speaks (Telegraph-Journal)

The call of the wild (Guelph Life magazine) finds secret to online success (Technology Spotlight)

Brainpark trying to ‘break out of that room’ (Technology Spotlight)

Guelph Innovation District has lofty goals (Technology Spotlight)

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