Take that, squirrels

June 29, 2009
Finally, some good news involving those rats with puffy tails that terrorize southern Ontario. This appeared in the Waterloo Region Record Monday:

Transformer zaps squirrel

Kitchener – About 1,200 households in the south end of Kitchener were without power for 42 minutes yesterday after a squirrel was zapped on a transformer. “We had a bit of a squirrel issue,” said Kevin Goetz, operator at Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro. The 6:15 a.m. outage occurred in the area of King Street and Sportsworld Drive and affected homes in the neighbourhoods of River and Morrison roads.

Some of you may remember my recent column on the subject. And thanks to the readers who sent me multiple copies of this Squirrel Catapult video.

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